2021 Updates! New blog, same ol' me!

Hey, everyone! Maria here. I've decided to retire my old blog, Basta Igat, Sikat! by Maria, to make way for a new version as we move on with our new normal lives during the pandemic (and post COVID craziness!). I know our lives have all been affected by the virus and we're all struggling mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. So, from the Home of the Queen Pineapples and the City of Beautiful People, I'd like to officially welcome everybody to my new blog, simply titled, MARIA FRANCO, as we continue to talk about life in general. Categories are up at the menu bar and some links at the side. This new blog will mainly tackle my ongoing pursuit for Clean Beauty as Maria Oilbularya and creating products for Savon Ormocana, as well as trying to age gracefully, plus some family moments for documentation purposes and travel articles that will most likely be posted once tourism is back on its feet as it is currently on hold what with all the protocols in place, and of course, not to forget our recently launched video game creator page in Facebook. Also, I turned my previous Youtube channel to more of a family virtual game space but all my old videos from circa 2005 up to the present are still up. If there's anything that 2020 has affirmed for me, it's that life is truly precious and we definitely should live life to the fullest. So, here's me trying to reinvent myself as we journey on with life at the speed of a dozen WTFs per minute. Looking forward to what lies ahead and wishing everyone the best of what's to come!