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If there's one thing that homeschooling (thanks to COVID!) has taught me as the "teacher", it is that every kid is different. And thank goodness I only have one NoodleLito to teach! So, I get to customize his learning style accordingly. He has yet to figure out what he really wants to do and there's no rush really. "IMPORTANTE BUHI!" (What's important is we're alive.) I'm going to teach him something that isn't really taught by the books or modules but more of something you'll have to realize yourself and that's chasing your dreams. It's as simple as doing the things you love. From doing projects and crafts to playing games you like, and selling goods for a living. The bottom line is to turn your passion into a paycheck.

For the past 14 years, my main source of income really is (and still is!) my freelance typing jobs and the transcription services that I offer. Actually, I believe I can do so much more than this, but why do I still continue to do it? BECAUSE IT MAKES ME HAPPY! Typing on the keyboard brings me joy. Hearing the clickety clacks is therapeutic for me. Editing documents and checking for spelling and grammar really tickle my fancy! The very reason I do it is that I'm doing what I love and simply loving what I do. It's not rocket science. It's just like what Marie Kondo says, "It sparks joy!" I don't even mind cleaning and taking apart my keyboard.

Oh, and mechanical keyboards are an absolute delight! It's like the best investment I made for my typing career. I mean, right now I'm blogging this piece and I am just thrilled doing it! I can go on and on but I don't want to bore anyone to death about keyboards. You can do your own research. As to why I got the Corsair versus the more common Razer or RAKK or any other gaming keyboard for that matter, it's because of the Cherry MX keys. Just a preference really. 

Okay, so moving on with my career history and doing the things I love. Aside from typing or transcribing, I make artisan soaps for my shop, Savon Ormocana. That started as a passion project, too, and eventually grew to become an e-commerce business. I do have a physical shop that people can visit, observing all COVID protocols of course. I don't have to tell you why I pursued this business.

Apparently, as Maria Oilbularya, I spend a lot on essential oils and I love to DIY. So, I studied soapmaking and organic skincare formulation. I spent hours on experiments until I came up with effective products that I can proudly call my own. All of these led to the birth of my own brand and line and damn, am I proud of having done this! I may not be rich but I feel accomplished. And above all, I AM REALLY HAPPY. 

Working at home really has its perks. As a remote worker, it allowed me to chase my dreams and gave me the chance to spend my extra time with the people who matter the most – my family. They supported me all the way and loves every version of me: The worker me, the entrepreneur me, the mom me, the crazy PMSing me, all of me! I'm lucky to have them and actually doing all of these for them! You could say that they drive me to be better and to push myself. I'll do anything for them! 

I don't have a grand story that stands out from everyone else's but I can say that I am very passionate about the things I love. If you ask me to type, transcribe, or write something, you know I'll do it accurately. If you buy soap or any skincare product from me, you know it'll do its job and you can feel the magic I've imbued in each and every one of them. You see, it's basically like eating at your favorite restaurant. You know the chef is passionate about his cooking, hence, the food will surely taste great. It's the same thing for me. I do the things I love and because I love what I'm doing, the results will speak for themselves. 

If you want to work with me or want me to create something for you, let me know. Contact me or email me anytime at hello [at] maria-franco [dot] com.

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