It Takes Two | PS4 | NoodleBoy & RamenGirl

The new game called It Takes Two just released last Friday and it's a good thing that we preordered it, so we got it for much less. We're always on a hunt for good deals for the Playstation and because it's a co-op game, we couldn't let it pass!

When you play the game, each player can choose the character they wish to control, in this case, an estranged couple named Cody and May. They have been magically converted to dolls by a love spell cast by their daughter, who didn't want them to get divorced. This game aims for players to work together under the guidance of a magical book character named Dr. Hakim. They need to fix their relationship first before they can return to the real world. Here are some highlights of our initial gameplay:

We'll keep updating this post with links until we're done playing the game. Watch the rest of the gameplay below. 



We're still not finished with the game yet as we stopped playing around midnight because NoodleLito woke up (watch the end of PART I video!). The second part was so action-packed that we could barely take a breather. 

It Takes Two is incredibly fun to play with its 3D platform split-screen co-op mode. As a husband and wife tandem, it's either your spouse will tease you relentlessly or that you'll discover how in-sync you are as a couple. You'll even realize how similar your thought processes are when coming up with solutions to puzzles. It's pretty much like couples therapy but cheaper and more entertaining. The game teaches you to learn from your mistakes and that no matter how many times you fall, you've got to get up!

We'll continue to play this game in the next couple of days/weeks until Cody and May reconcile. That is the goal, isn't it? If you want to watch, you're more than welcome to! Please like our Facebook page (, so you can catch the live gameplay. Of course, we'd love for you to leave your comments and we can interact with each other, too!

Maria Franco