Why do Filipinos prefer white skin?

In light of the current events for Miss Universe 2021, I would like to apologize to Miss Canada, Nova Stevens, in behalf of all those ignorant Filipinos leaving nasty comments. There is no excuse for this display of toxicity.

You have lovely skin and you’re glowing! I wish you luck during the pageant and continue to be the beacon of light to show these sad Pinoys that beauty isn’t just limited to skin color. 

Some Filipinos just don’t know any better. Honestly, in my experience growing up, we’re all taught and shown that fairer skin is more beautiful. I, for one, have used countless Block & White lotion and bleach when I was a teenager in high school and college thinking having that “whiter” shade of pale will give me a competitive edge… in school, in life, and in my future career. Boy, was I wrong! 

When I had the opportunity to travel to the US after graduation, it was only then that I started to celebrate my true color because everyone loved my golden skin! I wonder when the Philippines would stop overly promoting all these whitening products all the time. It's 2021, let's shift focus to clean beauty. I mean, it’s not wrong to enjoy a bit of collagen here and there with some other antioxidants to make you feel good and be healthier. I know Glutathione is good for us, too. The whitening is just a side effect and I don’t hate people for using it. In fact, my best customers love our Glutamansi soap from Savon Ormocana! It is still our #1 best-selling soap but I don't promote it for whitening per se but more for exfoliating dead skin cells and making your skin look vibrant naturally!

But color shaming… tsk tsk tsk. That's a different story. Come on, people. That’s just so wrong. No one is stopping you from reaching that ideal color if that's what makes you happy. I'm all for it! No one should dictate you how to be happy but just remember that when you get other skin problems and skin disorders, then you’ll see that melanin and pigmentation become the least of your worries. 

By the way, I'm proud to be a shade #23, natural beige to medium/tan and I go down two shades during the summer. How about you? What's your skin color?

Maria Franco