Embracing the Night: Nearly Two Decades of Thriving in the Graveyard Shift

As the world sleeps, my workday springs to life. For almost two decades, I've found my professional haven in the quiet hours of the graveyard shift. My journey into nocturnal work started not out of necessity, but from a preference that soon turned into a passion.

Maria Franco, Your Top-Notch Virtual Assistant
A wild photo of me during the day after a lovely graveyard shift

Why Graveyard?

There's a serenity to the night that fuels my creativity, especially in my remote work setup. The stillness enhances my focus, allowing my INTJ brain to delve deeply into projects without the distractions of daytime hustle. It's a period where my thoughts are clearest, and my productivity peaks.

The Health Balance

Managing health while working unconventional hours has been a journey of learning and adaptation. I've discovered that consistency is key. Maintaining regular sleep patterns, even on weekends, keeps my internal clock in sync. Nutrition plays a pivotal role, too, like opting for healthy snacks (nuts, lots of nuts!) instead of caffeine surges has been transformative.

Exercise: The Non-Negotiable

Regular exercise is my non-negotiable especially now in my 40s. It's not just about physical health (hello, maintenance!) but it's a crucial element for mental clarity. A mix of walking, light and brisk, as well as going up and down our stairs keep my energy levels balanced.

The Work Environment

This is it, pancit! A comfortable and inspiring workspace makes a world of difference. Investing in a good office chair and a desk that's got enough space as well as suits my height so I can do some standing while working has been a game-changer, hence, preventing the physical strain that often comes with long hours at a computer. Thoughtful lighting – not too harsh, not too dim – keeps my workspace conducive to productivity, yet cozy. Oh, and always a bottle of peppermint (or my favorite Clarity blend) handy so I can diffuse it when I need to be a little extra creative!

Updated workstation, circa 2024

Tips for Aspiring Night Owls

For those considering the graveyard shift, especially in remote work, here are a few tips:

  1. Create a Routine: Stick to a regular schedule to keep your body clock in check.
  2. Invest in Your Workspace: Comfort and functionality are key.
  3. Stay Connected: Regular interactions, even virtually, help combat the isolation of night work.
  4. Listen to Your Body: Pay attention to what it needs, be it a power nap or a stretch break.
  5. Find Your Rhythm: Everyone's night owl journey is unique. Embrace yours.

Working graveyard is not just a job arrangement for me but it's a lifestyle choice that has fueled nearly two decades of growth, learning, and success. 

It's where I've discovered that the calm of the night is where my ideas shine the brightest. 

Shout out to all my fellow night owls!

Maria Franco