Waiting as part of the journey: Enjoying the seasons of life

Life’s full of waiting times, right? We all hang on for that next job, a green light on our plans, or just that break we're hoping for. 

I used to think waiting was just wasted time, but not anymore. Now I see it as a chance to grow and think deep.

There was a stretch when it seemed like nothing was happening. Job hunting was my full-time gig, and let me tell you, it was tough. Every day was a mix of hope and that twisty feeling you get when you’re not sure what’s coming next.

That waiting game? It taught me a lot about chilling out and knowing when to step back. Some stuff just can’t be hurried. Life’s got its own pace, and we’ve got to move with it, not against it.

During that slow time, I took a page from nature’s book. Just like winter turns to spring, I knew my waiting would turn into something new, too. It's like waiting is the universe's way of getting us ready for what’s next.

And then one day, boom! The perfect job popped up in my email. It was the right fit, like it had my name on it. All that waiting made sense. It was like life was saying, “See? I got you.”

So, here's the thing about waiting: it's not just sitting around. It's trusting the process, believing in your path, and getting ready for when it’s your turn to shine.

If you're stuck in a waiting spot, hang in there. The good stuff comes to folks who wait, sure. But it really comes to those who know their dreams are worth the wait. It's about the person you're becoming while you’re waiting.

So, let's stick it out during these waiting seasons. They’re our chance to gear up for the awesome times ahead. Believe me, the toughest waits often lead to the best beginnings.

Maria Franco