Eskriba Ormocana + Lifetime Canva

In an effort to surround myself with beauty, I pursued calligraphy back in 2015. I actually chanced upon it after winning an Instagram raffle where I received a pen holder with vintage nibs. After a while and due to popular demand, I held a couple of Eskriba Ormocana classes with some kids and kids at heart who shared the love of writing. Well, mostly the parents requested I do it for the kids and some parents joined in the fun, too.

But what is calligraphy? Well, technically it's a visual art related to writing. I do have good penmanship to begin with but I wanted it to be better and I wanted to explore new styles. Do you need good handwriting to do calligraphy? The short answer is NO. Just like what TPK said, "The important thing to remember about calligraphy is this: at its core, it's art. It's not writing." I couldn't agree more. The possibilities are endless.

I think it's about muscle memory really because that's what worksheets are for. Personally, I find it very therapeutic and there are so many mediums you can use. From brush calligraphy to pointed pen and using watercolors, pearl pigments, iron gall ink, walnut ink, and even good ol' sweet-smelling coffee!!!

A misconception I had before was that you needed a fountain pen to do calligraphy and we all know good fountain pens aren't really the most affordable things in the world. I used to go to National Bookstore before and gawk at all the pens they have! Did you guys ever have the Speedball classes back in high school? Wait, are those still in existence?

What I really love to use for everyday random writing are the brush pens. Why? Simply because there's no clean-up needed! With pointed pen, it's like doing a ritual. You prepare your nibs, pen holders, and the ink wells then you'll have to clean them up after use. Also, you'll need special paper because there's the issue with texture and thickness you'll need to consider or the nib will catch and the ink will bleed through paper. But then vintage nibs always get the best of me because they make me feel like I've been transported through time. So, there's that!

I really think it's a good hobby. It makes me feel good when I do it and it teaches you the value of patience. With all the calligraphy paraphernalia that I've accumulated over the years, I should start telling the truth about how much they really cost because I'm afraid when I die, they'll think it's all garbage and throw them away when in fact, they're pretty priceless. πŸ˜…πŸ˜„

So, I'm thinking since summer is just around the corner, I'll probably hold calligraphy classes once more (even via Zoom if you prefer!). If you're interested, you can send me a message on Facebook or email me. After the class, I'll give you access to a Pro Canva account, so you can continue to create beautiful things and use it for digitizing your calligraphy creations!

I'm also thinking about creating my font soon. Hopefully, I'd have time to do it and when I do, I'll post about it! Would you like a copy when it's ready? Just leave your email below to get updates!