Daily Essentials Enrollment Set (Young Living Philippines - April 2021)

Say hello to the new Daily Essentials Enrollment Set with Sweet Aroma Diffuser for the month of April 2021! Yes, ladies and gents, you can now ditch the toxins in your common products and jumpstart your wellness lifestyle without breaking the bank today! Ain't it the sweetest deal? 

Ever since Young Living opened their market for the Philippines, they have been offering promos such as this that are targeted at people who aren't keen on splurging for the Premium Starter Kit... yet. Just remember, amazing deals and promos like this don't last long and are typically gone sooner than you think! So, GET IT NOW before it's sold out!


For me, I think the Daily Essentials Kit is targeted at people who #WorkAtHome and who very much need that #WorkLifeBalance. So, this one's for us!!! Because I know for a fact that the struggle is real and that’s why we turn to the versatility of nature for an extra boost to our daily needs! 

As a work-at-home mom (and remote worker for over 14 years), I always have to get that Work-Life Balance sorted, for both my family and for my own sanity. Now, are you in need of sorting that out, too? No worries! Check out these 5 must-have essential oils that are included in the Daily Essentials Enrollment Set that will target your everyday needs:

πŸŒΏπŸ’¦ R.C. 15ml - Missing fresh, clear air of the great outdoors? Place a few drops of this rejuvenating blend in your diffuser to breathe with ease or place drops on your mask before heading out!

πŸŒΏπŸ’¦ Thieves 15ml - Keeping clean doesn’t need all of the unpronounceable chemical ingredients! Cleanse and purify any space from unwanted toxins with one of our most powerful cleansing blend. Infuse a few drops to your household cleansers and see the difference!

πŸŒΏπŸ’¦ Peppermint 15ml - When #WorkIsLife, have Peppermint handy to banish Zoom glooms! Its cooling, focusing and energizing properties when diffused or applied topically will jolt you up to power through the day!

πŸŒΏπŸ’¦ Lavender 5ml - Make your #SanaAll moments come true! Take a quality break from time to time and enjoy a sense of peace as you diffuse this relaxing oil. You can also mix this into your skin care routine to achieve that healthy #BeautyGlow that you’ve always wanted.

πŸŒΏπŸ’¦ Lemon 5ml - In need of a mood booster? Take this bottle of sunshine and let its zesty drops uplift your mood any time of the day! Always remember that a happy you is a healthier you!

Reach out to me, leave a comment, or send an email and I'll gladly get back to you to help you maintain a healthy and happy Work at Home lifestyle. If you need help ordering at www.mariaoilbularya.com or if you simply need someone to talk to about oils, work, and life in general, you know where to find me and our amazing #TeamOilbularya community.

Maria Franco

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