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Thanks to the one-month PS Now subscription for $1 Promo, we finally got the chance to play Little Nightmares. I really wanted to play this game first before jumping to the recently released, Little Nightmares II, which is supposedly a prequel. So, it just makes sense to finish this one first. The story is really interesting and the game truly did not disappoint. 

First of all, it's the stuff nightmares are made of. As a fully functioning adult, I still don't like getting chased and in this game, you need to run away from your enemies. The adrenaline rush is real but didn't have as many jump scares as I anticipated. If you don't like cramped spaces, dark rooms, and leeches, well, good luck trying not to hyperventilate. The puzzles were not so difficult though and I was lucky that while I streamed the game, the viewers were very helpful with their comments and tips. 

Here are the gameplay videos if you're interested. I finished it with the help of the kiddos, NoodleLito and Ysrielle. How long was the Little Nightmares game? We completed it in 5.5 hours, more or less.

If this were made into a movie, I'd watch it. It actually looked like a Ghibli-inspired movie with how the characters were drawn and the background and all. Even the Nomes that scurry around reminded me of those soot sprites that carried the coals in the boiler room in Spirited Away. I bet the newer Little Nightmare II's graphics will be even better and I can't wait to play it!

Little Nightmares NoodleLito's Nook

The story from what I gathered (NO SPOILERS!) is that Six, the character you're playing, is trying to escape this crazy and scary place called The Maw, where you try not to get caught by monsters in the form of the long-armed Janitor, Twin Chefs, and carnivorous guests to name a few. She also has weird "hunger" pangs. Anyway, you just need to play this game so you can appreciate it, too. I do recommend playing it and finishing it in one go since it only has six chapters. Enjoy!

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Maria Franco