How to get hired without a talent!

Are you looking for freelancing or virtual assistant work, but don't have a specific talent to offer? Don't worry! You can still find success in the freelancing and virtual assistant fields by having strong work ethics. From being on time to putting in extra effort, there are many ways to make yourself an attractive candidate when applying for freelance and virtual assistant jobs. Being passionate about what you do and displaying a positive attitude will also help employers recognize your value. Additionally, having good body language during interviews, being coachable, and prepared will show that you're serious about getting hired without a traditional talent.

Let's break it down:

1. Have Strong Work Ethics - Be on time and put in the extra effort. Never think just because it's not your job to do so and so and such and such, that you can't. Always show initiative. ALWAYS. When you have strong ethics, it shows that you are reliable, responsible, and committed to the job.

I admit that most people know that I'm perpetually late at events, and even as a student, I had been to the principal's office multiple times for tardiness. But that "Filipino time" won't work as an online worker. I'm happy to say that I've overcome this bad habit since becoming a freelancer or independent contractor. A strong work ethic also shows you have the self-discipline and work habits necessary for success in freelancing or virtual assistant roles. Without being present in an office environment, it is even more essential for remote workers to show their dedication to completing tasks on time and meeting deadlines.

2. Show Passion and Positive Attitude - Employers will recognize your value. If they don't, get a new employer. I'm kidding (but jokes are half-meant!) really. Being passionate about your work is important because it shows that you are invested and dedicated to producing the best results. When you're passionate, you tend to be more productive and creative and have a better attitude on the job.

Which is why having a passion for your work will help employers recognize your commitment and value as an employee or freelancer. Passion can give you the motivation and drive needed to succeed in freelancing or virtual assistant work without any specific talent requirement. It also makes it easier for employers to trust you with their projects and gives them confidence in knowing that their project is in good hands—something super important as a remote worker.

3. Prepare for Interviews - Have good body language, be coachable, and be prepared when you've scored an interview with a potential client or future employer. Communicate well, even if you don't have the perfect American accent. You're not auditioning for a role (unless it's a voice-over job). Your foreign clients really don't care about your accent as long as you convey your thoughts clearly. These are just as important online as they are in person. Make sure to maintain good posture and eye contact during the virtual meeting, smiling when appropriate.

One thing I've learned over the years (and from having interviewed people myself) is that clients appreciate when you ask questions that you may have about the project or job. It shows that you're invested and truly want to learn more about the opportunity. This can go a long way in impressing those on the other side of the screen!

4. Networking Opportunities – Reach out to freelancers or virtual assistants you know to get advice or referrals. Ask them questions about their experience working with potential employers or clients. This will help you build a network of professionals that can assist in your job search and may even result in an introduction to someone looking for the same skillset you possess.

I find that optimizing your LinkedIn profile, even if you don't have much experience is valuable because employers are now checking your online presence as a form of a background check. Having a profile that stands out is best but having one that has enough information validating you as someone "real" with connections is better than not having an online presence at all.

5. Invest in Yourself - While you're still applying for a job, go ahead and develop skills that can make you more attractive as a freelancer or virtual assistant. Learn how to use the newest software or marketing trends that could help your clients. You can also focus on developing soft skills such as communication and problem-solving. In other words, polish your English grammar, practice speed typing or transcription, try AI tools, and research what skills are trending or in demand.

These are just some of the ways you can make yourself more attractive when looking for virtual work. With a combination of persistence, creativity, and resilience, you'll be sure to succeed. Those who are truly committed to their aspirations will find a way to make them happen, but those who aren't will make excuses. Even if your certifications are just digital, they are still worth something because you've invested in learning and up-skilling. There are several free workshops you can attend from online coaches, but you can also sign up at Udemy, Coursera, and Skillshare for unlimited learning potential!

6. Utilize Online Resources – There are many online resources available such as job boards, freelancing websites, etc., that can help you find freelancing/virtual assistant work without a specific talent. There are posts that even state "NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED," but you have to discern the real ones from the scams.

Be cautious, as some people take advantage of free work by having job hunters perform "trials" and "tests" that aren't even paid. If you do so, make sure you put watermarks on your output to protect yourself. It's also good to have someone do a "legit check" on a particular job posting and check about the business of your client or the company you're applying to.

7. Be Flexible and Adaptable – Look for freelance jobs outside your comfort zone. Don’t limit yourself to one particular area of expertise. This ties back to investing in yourself. If you're not a Math person and a particular task might require you to do some calculations, don't be afraid to try it. There are countless calculators, apps/programs, and formulas you can search for to do the job correctly. You must be resourceful and remember that Google is your best friend.

I am not a fan of the "fake it til you make it" attitude. I think that just gets you in trouble, and I feel bad for a client when they're misled by hiring someone competent, only to find out they are not. Time is gold, both for the employer and the employee. So, don't waste it. Be honest and transparent when you don't know how to do things but always be willing to learn. Like I always say, everything is possible if you are willing to learn new things.

8. Market Yourself – Showcase your work ethic by linking an online portfolio with samples of past projects. This will demonstrate the value you bring even without a specific skill set. If you've done some past writing, even if they're not professional, put it in a Google Drive folder.

Design a stellar-looking resume, even if you don't have a lot of bragging rights. Then add that with your best designs made via Canva or Photoshop, or even a simple graphic work to show that you can create these in your online folder. Whatever art you've done, be proud of it, especially if it's an original piece of work. Never forget that you always have to put your best foot forward to be chosen among the hundreds of aspiring candidates.

If you’re looking for freelancing advice or are interested in hiring a virtual assistant, please don’t hesitate to check out my profile. I am knowledgeable about the latest trends and technologies, as well as have an impressive portfolio of work that showcases my skillset from over a decade of remote work. With persistence, creativity, resilience, and self-investment, I can help your business succeed with freelancing/virtual assistant jobs. Contact me today or book a discovery call with me!

Maria Franco