Mastermind Meets Momentum: The Dynamic World of Maria Franco, the INTJ Virtual Assistant with a Twist!

So, this time I did some introspection and thought about my life and my work in general. I've always done things I love for the past 4 decades of my life because I really do believe in Ikigai. However, there are times when "adulting" is needed and I need to find more or better sources of income. I also think we need multiple streams of it if we need to survive in this world in comfort. Although I'm pretty much content with what I have in life because I've never once felt deprived of anything, maybe it wouldn't hurt to be more ambitious.

Be that as it may, I thought I'd put together a profile for myself. Perhaps if anyone wants to work with me or needs to understand me, I think this would be quite helpful.


Maria Franco




Virtual Assistant Extraordinaire

Persona Overview:

Step into Maria's world, where brilliance meets relentless energy. Maria is a rockstar virtual assistant with an INTJ's sharpness, strategy, and innovation, all while navigating the exhilarating challenges and zest of high-functioning ADHD. For over 15+ years, she's been the driving force behind countless business successes, weaving her meticulous planning with a touch of spontaneity.

Here's my current resume/CV.


Strategic Dynamo: Maria's INTJ foundation means she's always got an eye on the bigger picture. Her ADHD brings a dash of impromptu genius, letting her pivot on a dime when needed.

Energetic Service-Driven: Maria's magnetic personality is fueled by her dedication to excellence and service. While she's naturally introverted, her ADHD injects bursts of lively engagement, making her the heartbeat of any project.

Master Multitasker: Maria's vast skill set, from content creation to social media mastery, is honed by her INTJ's love for learning. ADHD means she's often juggling multiple tasks at once - but she wouldn't have it any other way.

Transparent and Accountable: She's all about clear communication, ensuring everything is laid out and understood. Her ADHD means she's prone to seeking immediate feedback, ensuring her work aligns perfectly with clients' expectations.


Apart from her professional prowess, Maria is a lifelong learner. She's often found exploring new digital tools or techniques, always eager to add another feather to her cap. Weekends might find her diving into a new podcast series or drafting a thought piece for her personal blog.


Maria thrives on structure. While her INTJ side crafts detailed plans, her ADHD can sometimes send her down unexpected paths. Over the years, she's perfected the art of harnessing this spontaneity, turning potential detours into shortcuts to success.

Social Life:

Maria's inner circle is compact but deeply connected. Friends and clients alike know they can count on her for her honesty, depth, and occasional bursts of infectious enthusiasm. Many an evening is spent brainstorming business strategies or dissecting the latest online trends over a cup of tea.


Maria Franco seamlessly blends the methodical prowess of an INTJ with the vivacious unpredictability of ADHD. In the vast digital realm, she stands as a beacon of dedication, creativity, and unparalleled skill. Whether it's crafting compelling content or managing multifaceted projects, Maria's motto rings true: "Everything is possible if you are willing to learn new things."

Maria Franco