Daring the Dark: An Epic Battle Against Unimaginable Evil

A courageous young girl faces off against unimaginable evil in the form of a powerful creature called Likik. Armed only with a pen cursed by his power and her own daring spirit, she summons the gods of old to do battle against him and his forces. 

Will her bravery be enough to overcome this terrifying foe or will it ultimately prove futile? 

Story and Art by Maria Franco

Legend tells of a mythological creature that lurks in the depths of Philippine forests. This creature is known as Likik, a powerful entity with a vengeful spirit.

It is believed that Likik can be summoned with the use of an old cursed fountain pen. The fountain pen was created by an ancient mage to grant its user immense power, but at a great cost. It is said that whoever uses this darkly enchanted item must pay for its power with their own life force and will become Likik’s slave if they are not careful.

The fountain pen has been passed down through generations, but none have been brave enough to use it. Those who have tried to employ its dark power have been consumed by madness or slain by invisible forces. Occasionally, there are tales of people who managed to survive using the pen, but these stories are few and far between. 

Likik is an extremely powerful creature, possessing the ability to manipulate energy and bend reality itself to his will. He can create illusions so real they seem like actual events taking place around him, cast spells of terror and chaos on those who he encounters, and even open gateways to other dimensions without warning or regard for safety precautions. Those unfortunate enough to enter such portals often disappear forever and never return home alive. 

Ancient scrolls describe Likik as an entity made up almost entirely of shadows and pure negative energy with eyes burning like embers in the night sky and teeth sharpened into razor blades for feasting upon flesh and souls alike. His presence alone causes sheer terror in all living beings, whether mortal or immortal, leaving them paralyzed in fear before it’s too late for escape or surrendering their consciousness forever when facing him in the flesh or in spirit form within the realm of dreams. 

This fearsome creature demands respect from all living beings who dare cross his path, lest they be subject to his wrath which could easily tear apart time-space itself should he wish it to be done. And yet still some foolish mortals strive to summon him from beyond the veil; a foolish deed indeed if one wishes to remain among the living!

On her 13th birthday, a young girl picked up a fountain pen from an old bookstore. The young girl eyed the fountain pen with a mixture of curiosity and trepidation. She had never seen anything like it before. Tentatively, she picked it up and examined it more closely. Its dark, obsidian body seemed to shimmer in the light and its strange engravings made her feel uneasy.

Suddenly, a loud rumble filled the room as the earth began to shake. A swirling vortex of energy opened up in front of the girl, and out of it stepped a creature made entirely of shadows. It was Likik!

The young girl gasped as his glowing eyes fixed upon her. She had heard stories about this creature but never imagined she would meet him face-to-face. He spoke in an ancient language that she did not understand, but his voice held such power that it shook her very soul. 

"Who dares to summon me?" boomed Likik, his voice echoing off the walls like thunder. The girl could barely find her voice amidst her fear, but eventually mustered enough courage to answer him. 

"I...I am sorry," she stammered. "I did not know this item was cursed." 

Likik roared in response and stepped closer towards her. "You should have known better than to invoke my power," he said menacingly as he reached out an ethereal hand towards her throat. The girl's entire body trembled at his touch, but she managed to remain still and bravely met his gaze with unwavering courage and determination in her eyes. 

"I will not be your slave," she declared firmly as she grabbed hold of Likik's arm with both hands and pushed him away from her with all of her strength. The creature staggered back in surprise, momentarily stunned by the girl's boldness and audacity. He regained his composure quickly however, and bellowed angrily again as he brought forth powerful forces from beyond this realm to do battle against her willfulness! 

The young girl stood firm in the face of Likik’s might, ready to do battle with an unknown power. She closed her eyes, cleared her mind, and focused on a single thought: that no matter how dark and powerful the creature seemed, it was not invincible. Summoning all of her courage, she opened her eyes and declared a powerful incantation that would invoke the gods of old, those who had vanquished evil before. 

A blinding light filled the room as ancient runes appeared in the air around them and began to swirl around Likik like a whirlwind. The creature screeched in pain as he felt the power of these gods wash over him, attempting to drive away his darkness and take away his strength. But Likik was not about to surrender so easily; he fought back with all his might, using every ounce of energy he had to keep himself from being fully vanquished by this onslaught. 

The young girl refused to give up though; she channeled her own inner strength into the incantation and raised her voice even louder. Suddenly, a powerful gust of wind blew through the room as lightning streaked across the sky outside and thunder rolled in its wake. In one final effort, the girl spoke words of great power: “In the name of all that is holy, I cast you out!” 

At once, Likik seemed to disappear in an instant; his form dissipating into nothingness as he was pulled back into whatever realm he had come from originally. When it was over, all that remained was an eerie silence that filled the room like a fog before slowly dissipating until there was nothing left but peace and quiet once more. 

The young girl knelt down and picked up the fountain pen from where it lay forgotten on the floor. She tucked it safely away in her pocket before turning towards the door with newfound confidence and hope for a brighter tomorrow ahead – one without any trace of darkness or fear!

Maria Franco