Breath of Life: A Christmas Miracle

On a cold and silent December day, something extraordinary happened in the house of a 10-year-old boy named Carl. A gingerbread man that was baked by his mother came to life. He had bright eyes and rosy cheeks, with colorful candy sprinkles for clothes. The cookie talked and sang songs, and even danced around the room! It was like a real person but made of dough. Carl named him Jhundee and brought him outside to see the world. He was excited to see the kids in the neighborhood and the honeydew flowers around. 

Story and Art by Maria Franco

Carl was an only child whose parents were both working all day long, so he found joy in having someone who could play with him, especially during the holidays, and whenever he wished for it. The two became good friends over time; they would go out on adventures around town or stay at home playing video games until late at night when their laughter filled up the empty house with happiness. 

But on Christmas morning, something strange started happening to Jhundee; green molds began growing on his body where before there were just cheerful colors of candies and chocolates! 

Carl stood there, tears streaming down his cheeks, gazing at Jhundee with a heavy heart. He was aware of the green molds that had started covering his beloved gingerbread friend, and he knew it was only a matter of time before Jhundee would disappear from his life. 

Carl: "Why does this have to happen, Jhundee? I don't want you to go away!" 

Jhundee: "It is alright, Carl. This happens to all gingerbread men when they get too old. It is just part of life." 

Carl: "But why soon? Why can't we find help and make things better?" 

Jhundee: "There is no magical power that can change this destiny. But do not be sad! I will always be here in your heart, even after I am gone." 

Carl: "I know that but I still don't want you to leave me."  

Jhundee: "Do not worry my friend; I promise that our friendship will last forever - even when I am gone!" 

Carl: "No matter how much time passes?" 

Jhundee: "Yes, no matter how much time passes. You will always remember me, and our wonderful adventures together." 

Carl nodded as tears kept rolling down his cheeks. Frightened by this unexpected event, Carl tried to think of ways he could save his friend's life, but nothing seemed possible except one thing - they must find help from the other side of the forest, where stories of magical powers abound according to old folks at local coffee shops. 

Without thinking twice, Carl grabbed Jhundee’s hand and ran into the dark woods until they reached a place surrounded by trees, which emanated a mysterious energy that made them both feel calm yet alert all at once. There, an old fairy appeared before them, offering her help if only she can get hold of some ingredients needed for her special potion that could bring Jhundee’s health condition back to normalcy again. 

Without hesitation, Carl set off towards town again, this time looking for those rare items while praying inside his heart and silently sending thanksgiving messages above, hoping things would turn out alright in due course. 

The old fairy told Carl about the Breath of Life potion, which is a powerful concoction that can restore the health and life of a gingerbread man. It requires rare and magical ingredients to be able to work its wonders, which have been gathered from around the world over centuries. 

The first ingredient needed for the Breath of Life potion is the Heart of a Phoenix, which is said to contain tremendous healing power. It is found in the nests of phoenixes, who only lay one egg every 1,000 years, and even then, is extremely hard to find. The egg must be opened carefully with a silver blade as it will burst into flames if handled too roughly, making it impossible to extract the heart from within.

Next, the Tears of a Unicorn must be added to the potion as they are believed to have a highly potent form of energy that can revive anything from death or illness. Unicorns live in hidden places across the globe where they remain undisturbed by humans; their tears can only be harvested when they feel deep emotion or tenderness towards another creature. 

Thirdly, Dust from the Stars must be mixed into the potion because it contains traces of cosmic energy which has been used since ancient times for medicinal purposes. This dust comes from shooting stars, which appear rarely and quickly disappear again; it must be collected with utmost speed as soon as it lands on Earth or else it will dissipate into nothingness. 

Finally, honeydew collected from a flower bed of a happy home is necessary for completing this magical elixir. This honeydew holds mysterious properties that enable its imbibers to gain superhuman strength and regain lost vitality; it also has strong anti-aging effects that help preserve youthfulness for longer periods of time. 

These four ingredients are essential components for creating the Breath of Life potion, although other herbs and spices may also be added depending on what particular ailment needs curing. When combined together under precise conditions, these materials make up an extremely potent mixture with amazing powers - enough so that even a gingerbread man can come back to life!

Eventually, after hours of searching the local online marketplace, gathering all his savings from the Christmas monetary gifts he had received, and asking for help from virtual friends, Carl found all those ingredients and got them delivered to his place via fast couriers not minding the extra expenses he had to shoulder. 

He then hastily but carefully brought the ingredients back, reaching his destination right on time, to the old fairy's cottage, located deep within magical grounds near the riverbanks. She then mixed all those herbs together with a few drops of sacred water taken from the Holy Well situated nearby, chanting powerful spells as she did so, therefore, giving much power and potency to her concoction and making it even more effective than expected. 

I cast a powerful spell so true,

To bring life back in Jhundee anew.

From the phoenix's nest, I take its heart,

So his body can have a new start.

From the unicorn’s tears, I shall draw strength,

Enough to help Jhundee at length.

I cast another spell divine,

To give Jhundee a lifetime supine.

From the stars, I take their dust,

It's what will give us a life-sustaining must.

The honeydew of the happy home,

Will bring joy to Jhundee once again roam.

Finally, she poured the whole liquid onto poor little Jhundee, who lay motionless on the ground, unable even to move anymore due to its fragile state. Lo and behold! A Christmas miracle happened! All moldy patches went away without leaving any trace behind, while a colorfully dressed gingerbread man named Jhundee returned alive and healthy like never before. 

His first words after coming back fully conscious were, “Oh, thank you, dear Lord! How I missed my true friend here,” referring directly to the brave young Carl who was standing nearby, full of emotions.


The story of Carl and Jhundee is a testament to the power of friendship, loyalty, and never giving up on each other. No matter how difficult it may seem or how hard the journey might be, we must always strive for our dreams and help those in need. This holiday season, let us remember Jesus’s birth by celebrating these values with loved ones around us - no challenge is too great if we work together as one! May this Christmas bring joyous laughter into your homes and fill your hearts with love that lasts forevermore.

Maria Franco