Embracing Chaos: Understanding The Urge To Destroy Things

Have you ever had the urge to want to destroy something? To take a hammer and smash it against a wall or throw something out of the window? It's an impulse that can be hard to control, but why is it so strong? I want to write about this today because I just had one of these (maybe I'm PMSing?) and after I got over it, it made me think about why it happens. So, let's explore why some people have these intense feelings and how we can learn to manage them.

The Roots of Destruction

There are many reasons why someone might feel a compulsion to destroy things. It could be because they're feeling angry or frustrated, or they may simply need an outlet for their emotions. For me, it was triggered because I wanted to go out this weekend, but there wasn't really anywhere to go. I wanted to relax, unwind, and stop thinking about work or making money. I knew I was being petty, but I couldn't stop myself. Some people may even find satisfaction in watching things break into pieces—it's like a form of release. Do you agree? Other times, destruction can be an act of rebellion, asserting an individual’s power over their environment. Regardless of the reason for destruction, it is often rooted in feelings of helplessness and rage that have built up over time.

Finding Ways to Cope

So, how do we manage these destructive urges? One way is by learning healthy ways to express our emotions. Yes, I cried my eyes out. I screamed and kicked the wall... literally. NoodleBoy was right there and witnessed all my bat-shit craziness live in 4D. When we feel overwhelmed with anger, sadness, or fear, talking about our feelings can help us process them in healthier ways than self-destructive behavior. Additionally, participating in physical activities such as running or boxing can give us an outlet for our energy and help us manage our emotions more constructively. I think it's the reason why I was so compelled to order the R2 treadmill because I haven't been out walking for exercise thanks to the rainy weather. Lastly, they say that mindfulness exercises such as yoga or meditation can help us stay grounded in difficult moments when destructive impulses arise. While this works for most people, I am not most people. I find it hard to quiet my mind. I have a loooong way to go when it comes to this because you can only imagine what randomness goes inside this brain of mine.

Learning How To Put Ourselves First

Experts advise that it's important to remember that destructive urges can be rooted in deeper issues that need addressing—namely, our lack of self-care and lack of self-love. Personally, I don't find myself lacking here because I get narcissistic tendencies that sometimes get me labeled as selfish. Believe me, I'm on level 9999 if we talk about self-preservation. But I do agree that we must learn how to take better care of ourselves if we want to break free from harmful behaviors like destruction. This means listening to ourselves more deeply, understanding what our needs are, and taking steps towards fulfilling those needs each day—even if those steps seem small at first! Making sure we're attending to all aspects of life—mental health included—is key here.

No matter how chaotic life may seem, you have the power to find clarity and peace within yourself. ✨β„³ 

So, I'm not going to make this long as I think I have said what I needed to for future reference when these feelings strike again (which I'm sure will because tao lang po). Destructive urges are powerful forces that can be hard to control. Nonetheless, understanding the roots behind these impulses can help us find constructive ways of managing them without hurting ourselves or others around us. Ultimately, it's all about making sure we're taking care of ourselves first and foremost so that we don't get caught up in destructive patterns that prevent us from living our best lives possible!

Maria Franco